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Control Board
Sku: 5285-200-01
Control Board
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AX200 Version

LM35 Connector Color

Details of Control Board

AX200 Control Board


Version 7.3

This board is also the upgrade board for version 4.0-5.4

Information you will need before you order this part.

Version number - If you turn your processor off and back on the machine will show he version the version number on the display upon startup.  If your board is non functional count the number of wires connected to the green connector strip on the board

14 wires version  7.3

8 wires version 4.0-5.4

Developer LM35 sensor color- White or black  Your Developer LM35 sensor is connected to the bottom of the board if you follow the off white cord to the bottom the board you will see the connector

If you have any question about what version you have or need please call Alphatek Technical support @ 262-331-0021